Official News Release- Ray Ferraro

Published on April 23, 2018

NR 2018-01 April 23, 2018


The Guelph Provincial Progressive Conservative Riding Association would like to congratulate Mr. Raymond Ferraro on his appointment as the candidate to carry the PC banner for the riding of Guelph into the June 7th Provincial general election.

The Guelph PC Association would like to acknowledge and thank Mr. Patrick Meyers for his hard work and dedication during the period leading up to Saturday’ developments

The Guelph PC Association has unanimously approved our leader’s appointment and look forward to working with Ray leading up to the election and his election to represent Guelph in the Provincial Legislature.

“With the general election only a few weeks away, it was necessary to make appointments in the remaining ridings. We look forward to working together to bring an end to 15 years of Liberal mismanagement” said Robert Coole, president of the riding association. The appointments made by Mr. Ford were based on recommendations of the Provincial Nomination Committee and local riding associations.

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Robert Coole, President

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